The Choral Group

December 2018 at St John’s Church, Higham


The aim of Higham Choral Group is to provide an opportunity to those members of the community, who wish to do so, to come together and sing and, by giving concerts, to raise money for charity.

The Choir was founded in 1962 by a small but keen group of singers, some of which are still singing with us today. The group has now grown somewhat to around twenty-five members, ranging in age from their forties to their eighties.

The Group rehearses every Monday evening at Higham Congregational Hall, School Lane, Higham, near Rochester, Kent. We perform regularly in local churches in the area at Christmas, Easter, during the summer and at other times when the opportunity arises. Occasional guest organists and singers join in with our concerts. Higham Choral Group goes on tour during May each year to sing at churches around the country.

Richard Shackleton, our Musical Director, has been a dedicated and inspirational leader of the choral group for many years and has improved the standard of singing, year after year, enabling us to tackle very challenging choral music both old and contemporary. To celebrate his 25 years with us all of ┬áthe 2015 Spring, Summer and Christmas concerts were held in our village of Higham. The summer concert, in particular, celebrated Richard’s 25 years and included some of his own special favourite pieces.

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